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Pastrana will attempt the three jumps on a modern recreation of the same motorcycle that Evel Knievel used, and all three jumps will happen live in a three hour event. The network also unveiled plans on Wednesday for History 100 , a slate of 100 new documentaries focusing on historical events of the last 100 years. Morgan Hertzan and Shawn Efran are executive producers.

It was a long and difficult recovery. But the margin of error is very small when you have such a powerful motorcycle that can accelerate so quickly, and missing by two or more mph will end in catastrophe because of the lack of suspension.

History Channel to Broadcast With Travis Pastrana

His life story reads like a soap opera script. Born Robert Craig Knievel, this wild, young man from the rough mining town of Evil live history channel, Montana dreamed of becoming rich and famous. After years of struggle, Bobbie's alter ego Evel Knievel became the world's most famous daredevil. His exploits are legendary and it's unlikely his accomplishments--or notoriety--will ever be duplicated. Now, he's paying a high price for the life he led. He lives in constant pain from the incredible abuse his body suffered during his daredevil days. As he enters the twilight of life, this 2-hour special may be his last chance at a public forum. He's a man who is outspoken, outrageous, at times hilarious, but always fascinating. From humble beginnings in Butte to iconic status and everything in between, Evel candidly shares every aspect of his life. The aging daredevil reflects on his incredible experiences and how he would like to be remembered.

To this day, no one has ever completed the jump—something that Pastrana will attempt to change on Sunday. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community or country please do not continue and click the exit button. So, between its weight, suspension and balance, this bike is exponentially more difficult to fly. Because of the sheer size, weight and makeup of his Indian motorcycle, Pastrana could only truly test the runs on his trusty dirt bike, which is lighter and has much better shock absorption. Nonfiction storytelling pushed boundaries and buttons, asking the important questions and inspiring us to seek justice and to broaden our horizons. Zachary Behr, Sean Boyle and Mary Donahue are executive producers for History. Among adults 25-54, the special steered in 1.


released January 26, 2019


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