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Transfer Files With Web WeChat Web WeChat also allows you to transfer files of less than 10 MB from your computer to your device. Strike up a conversation with anyone.

Yes, those are the same as the old environments on other chat services. Now enable drift bottle from the features option, click on throw bottle to send a voice or text message to someone in the world It provides two different options one is voice and another one text. By using this feature you can connect with new friends locally or globally.

I can see that ur site is a super useful resource! We really appreciate it! Last week, we wrote about WeChat. Here is the post:. Here is the link toat the Apple Store. Sometimes it seems that the only innovations in social networking are coming out of China. Of those users, about 400 million access the Internet using the various mobile devices available, many of which are Smartphones. Enter Weixin or WeChat. Tencent already has a huge market with QQ and its own version of Weibo but now, with WeChat, they have come up with a purely mobile chat application that is, to us anyway, stunning. Read our previous post then come back and find out how to meet new people using WeChat. There are three completely different ways to look for other WeChat users. In my case, I found users within 900 meters of my home. Most early adopters of WeChat are overwhelmingly Chinese but, theoretically, that will change. You can also tune the Look Around feature to show only males, only females or both. Personally, I think this feature is pretty cool but I can also see how it might seem creepy to some of you. If it does, you can easily delete the Look Around plug-in. It is part of the default set of plug-ins and is easily removed. Instead of looking around for other WeChat users, you can shake your way to new relationships using the Shake plug-in. Choose the option from the screen and simply give your mobile phone a shake. WeChat looks around for other users who are shaking their devices at the same time and gives you the option to say hi to them. This plug-in is more proactive than the Look Around feature since you already know that the person shaking their phone is looking to make contact with someone. Say hi and see how it goes. You can always shake again if things turn sour. Remember, again, that virtually every user you contact will be Chinese. If you know anything about China and the Chinese people, you will know that almost everyone wants to learn English but many Chinese already have a rudimentary knowledge of it. Many Chinese speak and write better English than some of your friends and neighbors, too. There is a wonderful translation app built into the International version which has opened up the world to China and, of course, China to the world. The last way to meet new friends is to simply cast a bottle out into the ocean. Of course, this is a virtual bottle but it works the same way as a real bottle with a message in it. Type in your note or use a voice message and then toss your bottle into the ocean of WeChat users. WeChat will notify you when someone replies. Just now, I tossed a bottle out and almost instantly got three replies. At this point, you have to have a keen interest in China and the Chinese people. You also have to be patient and be able to understand that not everyone in the world speaks perfect English. Additionally, if you wait a year or so, WeChat will be flooded with millions of other users. At this point, it supports Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, plus English and Chinese. Orkut, the Google version of Facebook, is extremely popular in Brazil. Questions, comments, links are all welcome. Someone may have reported you for something you said or did. Good luck and thanks for commenting. Make sure your GPS is turned on AND that you have said it was OK for WeChat to use it. There is definitely a glitch with Wechat while in Shake mode. I contacted Wechat but did not get a reply. I live part of the year in a small town about 2000km north of any big city. Whether I am in a big city or in the small city, I get that same glitch with the Shake function telling me that only people from China, but from nowhere else, are within a few kilometres from me, which is not accurate whatsoever especially that nobody except a few hardy trappers live more than 2 km radius from city centre, and these people have no electricity or telephone service. Even if you remove and reinstall the app and do all the suggestions listed here, it will not solve the problem. Wechat is a fantastic app, but there is a small glitch, and it is with Wechat, not with your device. As you probably know, we are not connected with WeChat in any way, other than the fact that we follow each other on Twitter. Our problem with the whole thing is that Shake is working perfectly on two devices, one Android and one iOS. There is some missing link here, some geographical glitch, that creates erroneous errors in Shake. We can only suggest that users in this situation use Shake as a meet and greet app for the millions of Chinese that they might meet using it, at least until WeChat fixes it. Thanks for the update and for commenting. You can do two things. Read all of the comments on this page, there are hundreds of people who have the same problem. Second, we know for a fact that there are thousands and thousands of Chinese in Malaysia. Just because they say they are from China does not mean that they are IN China. See what we mean? If you travel to China, your WeChat would still say Malaysia. Chinese are everywhere in the world. Change the time that you use Shake and maybe you will see people from other countries. Read the comments on this page, there might be an answer for you. That was our initial reaction to the questions but many readers insist that there are no Chinese near them. One was in Iraq but most are in India. Thanks for your comment, this might be a non-problem to begin with. Some times shake option works properl but sometimes it will start showing Chinese user.. Uninstall your current wechat and rollback to an older version.. I am using 4. I hav changed passwrd of my account first that thing helpd me bt for jst a short time period after 15 mins again i got chinese users. I hav changed evwrythng bt nothing worked even today i logged in from diffrnt account but it is still same so wat to do now? I am totally unaware. So this is either a possible solution, or a really weird coincidence. Thanks, this is quite interesting. How do you know that someone has blocked you? Does it show up on your contact list somehow? This might be the solution to the problem but let us know how you can tell if someone has blocked you. Then we can pass your solution around to everyone. Well, it was nice while it lasted. We generally use Shake for testing in our morning, meaning that China is pretty much asleep and Europe is hard at work in their afternoon. Thanks for your suggestion. We hope things get back to normal soon. I also have the chinese-only ~14km bug… But it seems like it comes in waves. I think it is a location bug with WeChat… Most of the times when I have this issue, if I close the app and wait a while like 30min , when I re-open it and shake, the first shake brings good results, but then all the next shakes have the issue again… Sometimes it would be fixed for a long while, and the all of a sudden the issue returns during shakes. WeChat should really release a formal statement about this if they are a serious company… That remains to be seen. I have used wechat shake feature for 6 months without any problems. I am from south India and I think I can safely say the info is wrong. Keep your eye on the comments, we might find an answer at some point. It seems like everyone is working on it. Thanks for your comments. WeChat has no interest in helping, it seems, so we do our best. Shake seems to be very popular so maybe you can try that. Keep trying, maybe it will work again. Did you change your profile photo? Do Symbian devices not use an app store? Maybe there is an answer there. Keep trying and let us know what you come up with. The international WeChat version is ofc installed from Nokia Store … The Chinese Mainland Weixin version is a direct dl … Both have the Shake issue … Your site is prominent in Google results on this emerging topic, so my hope is you can help our understanding. Is the issue solely confined to Symbian? If anyone does have a problem, please let us know. Just so everyone knows, you can change your name to anything you want, as many times as you want. Go to Me lower right then press your profile name or photo then press Name. According to David, this will work. All we do it try to help our readers. All we can suggest is to keep up with the comments on this page, check it every few days, and maybe someone will find a solution. The default setting is one. Sometimes you may luck into getting several results but usually only one. That is our experience, at least. Press it to see more, if there are any. I had uninstalled the wechat and then installed it again.. Hey guys i am from india…. Did you add any helper apps to WeChat? Any environments from someone or that you downloaded from the App Store? We suspect that you have added something or added another app that is interfering with WeChat. Read our latest post on this. You will get a reply from us but we removed your email address from your post. Yes, those are the same as the old environments on other chat services. Glad we could help! As I was just checking the feature, I entered sth randomly! Is it really the case or there is a way I can reselect the location and gender. The only area that has anything like what you describe is in the People Nearby settings. There you can choose male or female users but nothing else. Once you have done all of that, open a new account under a different name if you still want to use WeChat. Let us know if you need more help. I have a problem with the Shake feature. Although I got a number of friends through it, none of the my countrymates Indians reply to my greetings. And finally,is it really necessary to have the GPS and other location services enabled to use Shake? We suspect that this feature will be dropped soon. If people do not respond to your greetings, change your style. Use a different style. I found it very interesting. And now I get only Chinese 24×7 and not a single person from other nation. We just shook and checked people nearby, both worked fine with lots of other users shown. The problem we encountered is that all the Shake people were shown to be 100 M away while they were actually all over the world. You may have a virus or malware. What apps have you added? Any from sketchy or unknown publishers? Have you downloaded any pages or photos from a similarly sketchy website? When that happens, some ruthless people try to hijack the app to promote their own objectives. Lastly, change your password. If something has hijacked your account, changing your password might bring you back to normal. Last week onward I use shake I get only Chinese. I created another id and try shake again i get result in my device. I do not know what happened to my original ID. If there any virus attack, its need to be cleared for the next update, but it wont happen. The problem is its happens only in my ID. How can i restore the weChat as normal, without deleting my existing friends?.. To state this in another way, you are saying that the shake results from each WeChat ID are different? The old one got only Chinese users when you used Shake and the new ID gets users of other nationalities. That seems like a lot of work, unfortunately. Do you know everyone on your contact list? Secondly, clear your cache and clear your chats. Maybe someone put something in one of your chats, perhaps a link, which is affecting your Shake results. Clear you cache, delete your chat history, uninstall the app and then reinstall it and then sign in on your old account. That might help solve the problem. Please let us know the results. One of your contacts has messed up your WeChat settings. Send a message to WeChat and see if they respond. They are on your contact list, right? Do you mean your actual ID, as in Sam0453, is your phone number? Or do you mean that you have linked your WeChat account to your phone number? If your ID is actually your phone number, change it right away. Otherwise, if you have just linked the accounts, no one except those who already have your phone number will be able to see it. Recently theres a problem on shake where my friend and i try the app whether works anot so we shake about 20 times and his phone shows my name and my phone didnt shows his in fact show people in china like beijing, hubei, shannxi , heilongjiang etc etc and all of their photos are from internet …. Shake results no loner get Asian users: For the last week or two when I SHAKE, I am only getting South America lots of mexico and brazil , Turkey, Iran, Italy. Before a when I would SHAKE it give me hits with Philippines, Thai, Indonesia, Vietnam and some Chinese users. What has happened that I can no longer shake and get these Asian countries? I just signed up for Wechat and discovered a friend through recommendations through my phone contacts. Iphone5 Could be a few things, actually. Someone could be spoofing your friend, as in pretending to be them. Maybe someone used a random number or used a number they had on their contact list. Remember that not everyone knows the ins and outs of how WeChat is connected to their contact list. Because WeChat verifies the numbers that are linked to a profile. This is done by SMS text. Is there a chance that someone is playing a prank on your friend? We would suspect that ahead of there being a fault in WeChat. WeChat uses the SMS to verify the phone number not the device. Easily done in just a few minutes or less. The only relation between the app and your friend is the phone number, nothing else. If you can see her Moment updates, then she is already on your contact list. Go through your list to see if you can find her. Sometimes people change their WeChat name and they seem to disappear. You can change your WeChat name but not your WeChat ID. If we can help you more, let us know. As far as we know, any distance settings are controlled by your device, not by the apps themselves. However, the only place where we can see any kind of distance setting is in Maps. Most countries use metric but the U. All three of our devices are in metric when we use WeChat, even though one insists on using miles when we use MapMyRun. Let us know what happens, OK? All of our devices are in metric. Just a thought, when you download the updates, where is the store? Is it in Israel? I recently got a greeting on wechat under people nearby, I did not accept the request, I did nothing, now its gone, only if I would get a new greeting, the ones I previously had there before, are also there, the ones I done nothing to. How do I get it back without waiting for someone to send me a greeting first?? I am using a iphone 5, with the newest version of wechat, please advise? I tried to disable and enable gps, disable and enable wi-fii, close app, clear cache. I can see other people from the lookaround function but they cannot see me! This is happening since the last upgrade to 4. What else can I do? Not only do you have to turn GPS on, you also have to allow WeChat or any other app to use Location Services. There is no setting in WeChat for that so you have to go to your device settings, then Privacy then to Location Settings in iOS, for instance. Make sure that Location Services is turned ON then make sure that any apps you want to have access to this information are turned ON also. Good luck and let us know if this helps. Alternatively, have a friend stand beside you. You could also try to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Just a suggestion, did you download the app from the real app store? Try deleting the app, clearing your cache and downloading it again. Also, maybe there is some confusion with another app that uses your GPS. Sign out of similar apps or ones that use your GPS, things like Facebook, for instance. If the signal is being hogged by another app, that would explain your in and out appearances. Let us know what you discover. If you know her user name, just open another account and contact her. If she blocked you once, however, we assume that she will block you again. Why not just move on? Why contact her again if it could get her into trouble? If you do care about her, let her go. Once her situation changes, maybe she will contact you again. As far as WeChat is concerned, you still have an account. Yes,your friends can still see your account and send you messages. Change your WeChat ID and your name. Go to ME on the bottom of any screen. There you can change your ID and name. Lastly, if you have linked any other social media to your WeChat account, make sure you unlink them. Most users have their QQ account linked to WeChat Weixin but that may not be the case for you. There are two settings but only one has a description. Reply and Add Friend makes sense. If it is set to ON, when someone messages you and you reply, they are automatically added to your friend list. What does Friend Confirmation do? Stay tuned and thanks for commenting. Sure, as long as there are WeChat users there. If you try to Shake when it is late evening in London, you might have better results. WeChat is still fairly new and may not have been adopted everywhere at this point. Hi i have this query regarding shake feature, when i use the shake feature, and receive greetings from people, there is an option of replying back to the greetings, i do not add them as friends bu reply back to the greetings but it seems that they are not able to reply back or something. IN short i just want to know can i strike a conversation with someone through replying to greetings simply, without accepting them? The other section of this privacy setting has to do with Friend Confirmation. We would suggest turning that off. Try turning both of these settings off and let us know what happens. I am so much impressed with the way our beloved wechat users issues were fully addressed here. I sincerely hope mine too will be same. I should confirm friend request varification. I dont know how. I really dont wanna loose her.

Let us el what you discover. Lastly, if you have linked any other social media to your WeChat account, make sure you unlink them. Note: This feature is not known by many as it is hidden in the settings, especially for the latest version of WeChat. They are on your glad list, right. Hi i have this query regarding shake feature, when i use the shake feature, and receive greetings from people, there is an option of replying back to the greetings, i do not add them as friends bu reply back to the greetings but it seems that they are not prime to reply back or something. Those are ten suggestions to start with. Does Wechat correctly track while you're moving. We have learned as well that WeChat is more interesting and attractive social media app in comparison to its competitors and this is what makes it civil Wechat shake location change Messaging app. Orkut, the Google version of Facebook, is extremely popular in Brazil.


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